Sap business reporting tools

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List of SAP products

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ERP System

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Synoptix empowers you with the financial tools you need to quickly access critical information in a way that’s meaningful and timely, providing you and your business a real competitive edge. We integrate with major systems like: Oracle, SAP, Sage, and more. SAP BusinessObjects (BO) is a leading suite of data analysis and reporting tools designed to deliver insight to executives where and when they need it.

Beyond a broad variety of desktop and web applications, Business- Objects Enterprise provides a Standard. The SAP Business ByDesign cloud-based solution (formerly referred to as code name A1S) is a new addition to the SAP offerings for small businesses and midsize companies.

It is targeted to the unmet needs of these enterprises, which have traditionally not purchased an integrated business application.

Without any programs, users develop reports, planning scenarios, and evaluations to the demanding requirements of their business andseamlessly incorporate SAP- and non-SAP data. Cognos is a large suite of BI and EPM tools, well matched to huge organisations.

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This presents a partial list of products of the enterprise software company SAP SE. SAP S/4HANA; SAP CRM (Customer Relationship Management) SAP ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) SAP PLM (Product Lifecycle SAP Business Partner Screening; SAP Business Intelligence (BI).

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Sap business reporting tools
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